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Below are frequently asked questions for those who want to learn bartending skills. American Bartending School Coachella valley. The largest and oldest Palm Springs bartender school in the area.

Since 1969 our bartending school has graduated thousands of students for exciting careers in the hospitality industry. We offer job placement assistance for the Palm Springs area to Los Angeles.
Contact us for school schedule, questions or registration to reserve your spot in our behind that bar training. Graduates receive a certificate and help with job placement. Learn to bartend for a full or part-time job career.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. You can make back your investment in learning bartending in a few days of bartending. If money is a problem, we have monthly payments plan available where you can pay your tuition form future earnings. What other school can you attend and learn a new job skill in less than 2 weeks? Call us today at 800-736-1001 for more information.

Q. How much can I make bartending?

American Bartending School Student
Student practicing

A. Bartenders earn an hourly salary plus tip. The hourly salary is usually $15 to $20 an hour plus tips from customers. Tips from customers often average $10 to $20 an hour. Many of our graduates make $150 to $300 daily.

Q. I don’t drink. Is it going to be difficult for me to learn?
A. No. The majority of American Bartending School students don’t drink and know nothing about liquors before starting the school. We have been training bartenders since 1969 and have designed the class for beginners.

Q. Is bartending school difficult?
A. No, it easy and fun. The school is set up like a real bar. Everything is real except the liquor. You’ll learn by doing. Your instructor will show you how to make the drinks and then you’ll go behind the bar and practice.

Q. I have been out of school for some time. If I’m a little slow learning, what happens?
A. Don’t worry. You can stay as long as you need to pass the course. We want you to be totally confident of your bartending skills.

Q. How can I remember all of the drinks?
A. No need to worry. We only teach the drinks you need to know. You’ll remember the drinks by making them over and again after your instructor shows you. At the end of our bartending school you’re not confident of your drink making skills, you can stay extra time at no cost.

Q. Does the bartending school use real liquor?
A. No, all the liquor is realistically simulated to look and pour like the real thing. You’ll be surprised how real the drinks look.

Q. If the bartending school doesn’t use real liquor, how do I know if the drinks are right?
A. You’ll learn to accurately measure the drink recipe ingredients.

Q. I can’t make the class every day; can a special schedule be worked out?
A. Don’t worry; we work out special schedules all the time.

Q. Will American Bartending School help me find a bartending job?
A. Yes, we have a job placement service that offers life time job placement help.

Q. Do bartenders need a license?
A. You don’t need a license to start bartending. However, without proper bartending training, it’s almost impossible to get a bartending job.

Q. What’s a certified bartender?
A. Many establishments require bartenders to be certified in alcohol awareness. You’ll receive this certification at graduation.

Q. How old do I have to be start bartending?
A. In California, you have to be 21 and in New Jersey 18. You can take the course before you 21 or 18 but you won’t be allowed to work a cash bar.

Q. What’s the difference between American Bartending School and other bartending schools?
A. American Bartending School is the nation’s original bartending school. We have been training bartenders since 1969. Our training program is constantly rated the best in the food and beverage industry every year.

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