About Bartending

Is Bartending a Good Job?


Bartending has evolved from what it was a decade ago into something that more people are getting more interested in it by the day. Decades ago, people became bartenders because they needed a temporary job until a real job came along or as a side job as a college student. That narrative seems to be changing these days as many people are taking bartending up as a full career. They now see bartending as a marathon instead of a sprint.

If you are in college and you have no idea what you want to do after graduating, but you have your eyes set on bartending, that is a good idea. But you do not know much about the job, and you are wondering whether it is a good job or not. Well, find out why bartending is a good job in this article. From having a flexible work schedule to getting the opportunity to meet a lot of people daily and getting a lot of money in tips; bartending sure sounds like an exciting job already. Check out below why bartending may be a good job for you.

  1. Travel around the world

Bartending is one of the jobs in which you can take your skills anywhere they are needed. You are not tied permanently to a specific location. You can go on adventures, travel to different countries, especially vacation destinations. Most of these locations have lots of bars where they need bar personnel all the time. Imagine that you do not spend your winter in the same place that you spent your summer. Bartending is an easily importable skill as cocktails are the same everywhere in the world, and taking your skills to other places could just be what you need to keep your resume impressive.

  1. Meet interesting people daily

Bartending introduces you to a lot of people daily, and you have to interact with virtually every one of them. You have to work with the people on your team throughout your shift, and they may have one or two things to share with you. You also will interact with the patrons of the bar you work in. some of these people will have interesting and crazy stories to share with you, and it is part of your job description to pay rapt attention. Some may even need your advice. So, sometimes you may have to double as a bartender and a psychologist.

  1. Bartending allows you to get creative.

A 9 to 5 job involves the same routine day in day out, but a bartending job allows your creativity to flow. Instead of sitting at a desk buried in paperwork, you can take time to come up with new recipes, create beautiful blends of drinks and complete your blends with the exceptional garnishes. There is so much you can do during your free time. Even though there are some general bartending rules that you must abide with, you still have the option to get creative and experimental and who knows, you just may be on your way to creating a hit cocktail special that many other bartenders will request for the recipe.

  1. Get more confident.

Working behind a bar can be likened to an artist having a stage performance. You are at the center, and everyone’s eyes are fixed on you. You are the first point of call when anyone walks into the bar. At that moment, you are the establishment’s representative, and you must do a good job of it. This is no easy work, but being able to keep up with it helps your self-confidence in so many ways. In addition, the more experience you get, the smoother you will be able to work and serve your customers. Often, you will feel nervous or even unsure of what you are doing but this is absolutely normal. Keep your cool and do not criticize yourself heavily. It is a part of the job and it is what makes you a professional. By the time you transcend those acquired skills to other important parts of your life, you will be thankful you too up bartending as a job.

  1. You get to make other people smile and be happy

This is the most exciting part of bartending. Doing a job that makes people happy is everybody’s dream. Being able to put a smile on someone’s face comes with a priceless feeling. It could be through a delicious drink or being able to provide the right words to make a sad customer happier. Bartending is tough, but little things like making your customers smile are the things that make the job a good job and worth doing.

  1. Set yourself apart

We are in an era where bartending is becoming a well-respected craft once again, and if you have a bartending job right now, you are in many ways different from the average person. Many people would love to get a bartending job, but they have never put in the time and effort to learn. If you tell people that you work as a full-time bartender, they see you as being similar to holding an executive position in the hospitality industry. Wear that title like a crown.

We could go on and on with extolling bartending as a job, but all we can say for sure is that it is a viable career with so many potentials. In addition to the points mentioned above, you can make good money as a bartender. Apart from your salary, tips are normal at a bar, and if you have high-paying patrons, you stand a good chance to receive high tips as well. You may not even have to spend out of your salary as the tips may be its equivalent or even more than thereby putting you in a good position to have excess cash and encourage you to have healthy savings.

Still in doubts about how good a bartending job is? Why not enroll in a bartending school, get a job after and see for yourself?