Palm Springs Bartending School Reviews

American Bartending School Graduates

Bartending School Coachella Valley. The largest and oldest Palm Springs bartender school in the area.

Since 1969 our bartending school has graduated thousands of students for exciting careers in the hospitality industry. We offer job placement assistance for the Palm Springs area to Los Angeles.
Contact us for school schedule, questions or registration to reserve your spot in our behind that bar training. Graduates receive a certificate and help with job placement. Learn to bartend for a full or part-time job career.

Most of the graduates below  knew nothing about making drinks or liquors before they started American Bartending School. Our hands on training course quickly taught them how to be work ready bartenders.

Shawana C American Bartending School

Shawana C.

What a blast it was becoming a bartender. Everyone at American Bartending School Palm Desert was great. Lisa the job placement director gave me some good job leads. She helped me get a job at the Hilton Hotel. I thought it would be harder to learn bartending that it was. The hands on training really works and is fun.

Misty N...American Bartending School New York

Misty M..
I like the night life and that’s why I wanted to start bartending. No more boring retail or office jobs for me. Jackson was a good instructor. He had lots of patience and was there to motivate me when I got lazy. I really like attending the bartending school in Palm Desert.

American Bartending School Graduate

Louis R

I wanted to make my job skills better. I worked at the Hilton Hotel as a bus boy and wanted to become a bartender. Now that I’m certified my boss recommended for one of the bartending jobs at the hotel. I liked the idea that American Bartending School let me take extra classes and practice for free.

Michael W American Bartending School New York Graduate

Michael W
Damon my instructor was funny. I like working with people and I know I can make good money bartending. I already had a job interview at one of the Casino’s in Palm Springs and it looks good. Graduate American Bartending School.

American Bartender School Graduate NJ

Briana W

The American Bartending School New Jersey is a good one. I gave the American Bartending School a solid 10 out of 10. I have already recommended the school to 2 of my friends. One of them has already enrolled.

Tamara B

Hey Jackson, thanks for helping me become a bartender. I thought it would be hard to remember all of the drinks but it wasn’t. The hands on training made it easy and fun. I made a Martini so many times, I still dream about them. Graduate American Bartending School.

Michael B Graduate American Bartenders School NJ

Michael B

If you want to learn bartending the right way, this is place. I learned more than mixing drinks. I though it would be hard learning all the drinks but it wasn’t. At the school you learn by doing like on the job training. You make the drinks over and over again. Each time you make the drinks it’s easy to pick up speed and confidence. One of my friends took the American Bartending School course and are working as bartenders.

Virgil R American Bartending School Palm Desert Graduate
Virgil R

I was laid off from my job after 20 years I needed a new job skill. I thought it would be hard because I haven’t been to school for many years. Learning behind a real bar was like on the job training. I liked that the school because the school allowed me to take free extra classes. Virgil R Graduate American Bartending School Palm Desert