Valentine Day’s Cocktail Recipes

Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers.   We have assembled special Valentine’s Day cocktail drink recipes to help you celebrate with your significant other.  Many of these drinks have incredibly naughty names.  All of these cocktail drink recipes are easy to make and fun to drink.  Make this Valentine’s day special by showing off your bartending and mixology skills. Watch our how to videos and have fun.

Screaming Orgasm Cocktail Recipe

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Drink it with one quick gulp and let the fun begin. A nice Valentine’s day cocktail.
1/2 oz. grenadine syrup
1/2 oz. Kahlua
1/2 oz. Irish Cream
1/2 oz. White Creme de Cacao

Love Potion Cocktail Recipe

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The Love Potion Shot is a sexy cocktail that is sure to arose passion. Impress you friends with this sexy drink recipe. Give it a try this Valentine’s Day.

1/2 oz. Raspberry vodka
1/2 oz. Cranberry vodka
1/2 oz. Peach Schnapps

Blow Job Cocktail Recipe

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The Blow Job is a very popular drink and it’s sure to be a hit on Valentine’s Day.  Make a couple of these and who knows what will happen?


1/2 Kahlua
1/2 Bailey’s Irish Cream
Top with whipped cream

Porn Star Cocktail Recipe

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We don’t know if the Porn Star cocktail will make you one, but drink enough of these and who can say.   This is a special Valentine’s day drink for the daring.

1/2 oz. Blue Caraco
1 oz. Raspberry vodka
Top with a splash of cream

Leg Spreader Cocktail Recipe

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The Leg Spreader Cocktail  Drink Recipe is a sexy cocktail that is sure to arose passion on Valentine’s Day. Impress you friends with this sexy drink recipe.

1/2 oz. vodka
1/2 oz. tequila
1/2 oz. rum
1/2 oz. gin


Best Hangover Cures

What are the best hangover curers? It’s a matter of dissociation and bragging rights.  Here are  hangover cures from around the world according to many.  If y ou need a hangover cure to help you make it through the day, because you partied a little to much?  Here are some of the best hangovers cures that we have discovered from around the world.  It’s said that the best way to avoid a hangover is to drink in moderation but we all know that there are times when we have to go for it.

Watch these how to Hangover Cure Videos. Try them out and let us know how and if they help.

Prairie Oyster Hangover Cure From the United States-try this one to help with your stomach.  It looks a little scary but drink it down quickly and it should be helpful.

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Sangriata Hangover Cure form our friends in Spain-make a pitcher full and serve them to your friends on New Year’s Day.

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Chevella Hangover Cure from Mexico-you have to be in pain to try this drink.  It’s great anytime.

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The Stormy Hangover Cure from Italy-Especially good after a rough night of partying.

Bloody Mary Hangover Cure from the United States-a classic that is tired an ture.

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Argentinian Hangover Cure from Argentina-the key liquor is hard to find in most bars.

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The Red Snapper Canadian Hangover Cure-the gin gives this variation of the classic Bloody Mary an interesting taste.

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Holiday Cocktail Drink Recipes

Here are some of the best holiday and Christmas cocktail drink recipes for you to show off your bartender skills.     You can enjoy making these holiday and Christmas classics for youry party or casual holiday gatherings.  Our easy how to drink recipe videos will show you to make these special holiday drink recipes.

Tokyo Martini Drink Recipe and Video

This is a nice holiday cocktail drink recipe for your guest,

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1 oz. vodka
1 oz. Midori melon liqueur
1 oz. sweet and sour bar mix
cherry garnish

Cranberry Orange Sparkler Drink Recipe and Video

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1 oz. triple sec
2 oz. cranberry juice
2 oz. sparkling white wine
2 oz. ginger ale

Caramel Apple Martini Recipe and Video

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1 oz. vanilla vodka
1 oz. apple schnapps
1 oz. apple juice
coat inside of glass with caramel syrup
cherry and apple slice garnish

Pomegranate Ginger Cosmopolitan

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1 oz. pomegranate vodka
1/2 oz. triple sec
1/2 oz. Rose’s lime juice
1 oz. pomegranate juice
2 dashes ginger juice

Pumpkin Martini Drink Recipe and Video

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1 oz. vanilla vodka
1 oz. pumpkin flavored vodka
coat rim of glass with brown sugar
cherry garnish

Cranberry Pear Bellini Cocktail Drink Recipe

2 oz. pear nectar
fill with sparkling white wine

Santa’s Christmas Mojito Drink Recipe and Video

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Mash 8 mint leaves
Mash 6 quarter pieces of lime
1 oz. simple syrup (sugar water)
1 oz. cranberry juice
1 oz. rum
fill with soda water

Silent Night Christmas Holiday Drink Recipe

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1 oz. pineapple juice
1 oz. sweet and sour bar mix
3/4 oz. tequila
3/4 oz. blue cuarcao

Poinsettia Christmas Holiday Drink Recipe 

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1 oz. cranberry juice
1/2 oz. triple sec
2 oz. sparkling white wine or champagne

Holiday Hopper

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2 oz. cream
3/4 oz. peppermint schnapps
3/4 oz. midori










Bartending Resume Tips

If you’re looking for a bartending job, having a well thought out resume with the right information is a must. Today, many establishments that advertise bartending jobs require you to send a resume before an interview.

Bartending Resume

A good resume will help

Without a good resume designed to get their attention, you’ll never get called in for an interview. Ruby Jones, a Human Resources person at a Marriott Hotel ‘when we advertise a bartending job we get at least 25 resumes. Most of the resumes I don’t bother to look at because they don’t look professional and look like they were submitted by a person in the fifth grade. I see typos, misspellings, and a long list of job experience that has nothing to do with bartending.

The job is for bartending and I want to see what they know about mixing drinks’ she told us. ‘This is a big hotel and we constantly have 10-20 jobs that we’re recruiting for. I get hundreds of resumes a day and if they don’t look good, I don’t bother reading them.’
At the American Bartending Schools in Palm Desert , instruction is offered on how to do it the right way.
1. Keep your bartending job resume short. Preferably, on one page.

  • Human Resource recruiters may receive hundreds of resumes a day. They don’t have time to read long boring resumes.

2. Put your bartending education and bartending experience first.

  • You’re applying for a bartending job. Prospective employers want to know what your bartending experience is. If you’re a graduate of a bartending school, list what you have learned at the school. The Human Resources person reviewing your resume may not know is taught at a bartending school. You have to educate them. At American Bartending School we have a lecture that trains you how to describe what you learned at the school and why you’re qualified to fill the job.

3. List any job experience that you had dealing with the public.

  • Bartending is a people job. You be serving and interacting with new customers daily. Jo

4. Proof read

  • There is nothing worse than having typos and incorrect spelling on your bartending resume. Have another person review for mistakes.

5. Use Bullet Points

  • Employers don’t have the time (or patience) to read long paragraphs of text. Use bullet point and short sentences to describe your bartending experience and education.

6. You don’t need to list all your work experiences

  • Employers are interested in what you know about bartending. Your job as a noble prize winner may impress your mother, but it has nothing to do with making drinks.

7. You don’t need to list all of your education

  • The only time I would list my education is if I went to bartending school. You don’t need a college degree to be a good bartender.

8. Use a picture

  • You want to stand out from the many other resumes that are being submitted for the bartending job. A nice head shot of your smiling face should make a favorable impression. A bartender is often the first person a new customer comes in contact with. A bartender who makes a neat, smiling appearance is what they want.

9. Stick to the Facts

  • Don’t waste your time putting in irrelevant information. Political affiliations, religion and sexual preference are not necessary

10. List All Your Contact Information

  • List all of your contact phone numbers. Give your cell number with the area code. Activate your voice mail, and keep your message short and business like. Leave an email address

Become a bartender and start working as a bartender full or part time. In only 1 week you can be fully trained. Call American Bartending School at 800-736-1001

Skinny Cocktails

Skinny Cocktails

Low Calorie Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Low Calorie Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Here at American Bartending School we are now teaching our bartender school students how to make low cal cocktails. Like to have a drink and not worry about the extra calories, think about ordering a skinny cocktail for a change.

We teach our future bartenders how to make their own drink mixes using sugar substitutes like Splenda to cut the calories in half of drinks that use a lemon or lime mixer. In the old days of bartending, one of the first things that bartending schools taught students was how to make non-alcoholic mixes. One of the original recipes consisted of fresh lemon or lime juice, sugar and egg white. The egg white when shaken with other ingredients produces a foamy head on the drink.

With America’s bulging waistlines, some of the large chain restaurants are coming up with unique ways to make their customers favorite cocktails more slimming. Many of these low calorie delights are less than 200 calories. My first experience with of these slimming lavations was a Skinny Margarita. It consisted of tequila and fresh lime juice. Since the sugar was left out, it was a little on the tart side to say the least.

Most cocktails like martinis and margaritas have around 300 calories in them. A couple of these before or during dinner can have as many calories as some of the low fat entrees. The success of light beers has shown that many consumers are interested in reducing their calories, while still enjoying their favorite alcoholic beverage.

Skinny cocktails particularly appeal to women and to older consumers. However, by the second or third cocktail, I don’t think anyone is still worrying about calories.

The Cheesecake Factory, known for its extra-large portions, now offers a full array of low calorie cocktails. The Ram Restaurant Chain and Bakery in 5 states sell 80 calorie, Skinny Lime Bite Coolers made with Captain Morgan Lime Bite Rum and diet Coke with a lime garnish. A local Austin chain Z’Tejas Southwestern Grill has a ‘Naturally Skinny’ cocktail menu with six drinks under 250 calories. They use fresh juices, spirits and natural sweeteners.

So, if you want to shed a few pounds after letting loose after the holidays, think about going on a diet of skinny cocktails every now and then.