Bartending Job Placement

When you graduate from American Bartending School, our job placement department will help you find your bartending job. Our instructors will give you valuable tips to help you start your bartending career.

Bartender Certification-Card

Bartender Certification Card

  • How to dress for a bartending job interview.
  • The best time to go on a bartending job interview
  • Common bartending job interview questions
  • How to answer bartending job interview questions
  • How to write a bartending job resume

American Bartending Schools in Palm Desert offers graduates job placement assistance. We have been training bartenders since 1969 and have established thousands of contacts with owners and managers. In the greater Palm Springs area, there are over 450 establishments using bartenders. Many of the owners and managers are graduates of the school and know the quality of the American Bartending School training.

The American Bartending School’s job placement staff doesn’t solely depend on the establishments contacting the us when they need bartending help. We have a computer database with over 2400 establishments that use bartenders in the Palm Springs area.

We contact many of these establishments daily to find out their bartending needs. Job opportunities for graduates are available in restaurants, hotels, sports bars, casinos, country clubs and bars.