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  • Hands on Bartending School
  • 2 Week Bartending Certification
  • Make Up to $300 Daily
  • Work Full or Part Time
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Thousands of Working Grads Since 1969

American Bartending School

Unemployed, Need More Money?

  • American Bartending School in Palm Desert has trained thousands of men and women just like you to be working bartenders since 1969.
  • In only 2 weeks you can be fully trained and ready to start bartending. American Bartending is the nation's oldest and most respected bartending school.
  • American Bartending School has a 2 part program. The first part is to train you in every phase of bartending. You'll be ready to work at any place that needs bartenders.
  • The second part is for our job placement department to help you find a bartending job.
  • Join us for a free no obligation bartending class and see if bartending is for you. We'll answer all your questions about the school and job placement.
  • Instructor Reviews

    Jackson was a really good instructor. He knew a lot about bartending because he worked for the Ritz Carlton Hotel for 7 years. He gave us great tips on how to give Five Star customer service that I now will help me make more money bartending. The job placement staff helped me get a job at one of the casinos' Ryan K Graduate American Bartending School Palm Desert.
    I really like the class. Jeanie was a great instructor. She cared about us learning bartending the right way. I would definitely recommend school to anyone who wants to get certified.' Linda Graduate American Bartending School Palm Desert.
    Damon was one cool dude. I called him the bear but he was as sweet and gentle as a kitten. He took his time and showed us how it's done in real world bartending. Damon being the food and beverage manager at the airport kept us entertained telling us about his bartending experiences': Michelle L Graduate American Bartending School Palm Desert
    I don't drink and I was really scared that I would have difficultly learning. Damon told me to relax and that he taught many people like me. I was surprised how quickly I picked it up. After the first day behind the schools real bar, I was shaking drinks like I had been doing for years. 'Jose R Graduate American Bartending School Palm Desert
    Jackson my instructor was really good at keeping things simple for me to understand. He was very patient and you could tell he had lots of experience working with people who didn't anything about drinks or spirits. I brought him a bottle of his favorite vodka as a present.' Ricky K graduate American Bartending School
    I wanted to start bartending because I needed a career where there were job opportunities where ever I decided to live. The hand on training was fun. I would have liked to learn more about wines. Jenny M graduate American Bartending School
    Our job placement service will help you start your bartending career. Since 1969, we have placed thousands of our graduates find good paying and interesting bartending jobs. Bartenders work for an hourly salary and receive tips from their customers. Many American Bartending School graduates earn $150 to $300 daily. With the many sport bars, restaurants, hotels, and country clubs there are always job openings.

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